When stifled by Pangs of Pain, When all strengths fail
And even Tears go dry
We stand by you
To Caress, Comfort and Care for you.
May we perceive your inner sores too
-the burning Pain and the aching Void,
The haunting fears of Disability, Decay and Death.
May your sufferings make us deeply Human,
So that, we do not let you Fade away
In agony, Pain and Loneliness.
To be with a person who is dying,
to share consciousness with him and to help him die consciously,
is one of the most exquisite manifestations of true love.


Jeevodaya, provides to the needy, a bed to sleep, clothes to wear, suitable meals, and above all pain and Palliative Care and the right to die with dignity as every human being should. Jeevodaya also organises burials and cremations to suit the religious convictions of the deceased.

All this is done FREE. Absolutely FREE.